Today is December 3, 2022 /

Film Festival

Every year, the Jewish Federation of New Hampshire puts on a film festival. In the past, the UVJC screened some of these films here on the Dartmouth campus. During 2022, all events are virtual.

This year, They are offering the Israeli TV Series “The New Jew” Binge Fest

March 1 – March 15, 2022

THE NEW JEW is a four-episode TV documentary series showcasing the diversity of the Jewish community in the United States, the variety of alternative models it offers for living a rich Jewish life, and the differences in the way Judaism is experienced in the United States and Israel.

Presented by Guri Alfi, one of Israel’s most popular comedians, THE NEW JEW is a spirited, and ultimately hopeful, journey through modern American Jewry.

More information and tickets to purchase for virtual viewing, can be accessed by clicking here.

The New Hampshire Jewish Film Festival strives to enhance an appreciation of extraordinary individuals, culture, identity, history and contemporary issues in Jewish and Israeli life. Using the power of film and programming to educate and entertain, they encourage dialogue on diverse perspectives, broadening understanding and strengthening community.