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Family Day: Tu Beshvat Snow Shoe Adventure


January 24, 2021    
10:00 am - 11:30 am

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Tu Beshvat Nature Walks
with Hebrew School

Sun, Jan. 24, in lieu of zoom Hebrew School
NH students meet Melissa at the Hanover Country Club parking lot, VT students meet Rabbi at Huntley Meadow.
Students will walk in masked and socially distanced groups of under 10 people on a treasure hunt of the natural world. Please bring only one parent and the children. Each group will follow a trail of signs with words from Torah that guide them on finding the natural treasures.

Please come at the time of your eldest child’s class
    10:00 am: Kitah Koof & Aleph (PK-1st)
    10:15 am: Kitah Bet (2nd)
    10:30 am: Kitah Gimel (3-4th)
    10:45 am: Kitah Dalet (5th)
    11:00 am: Kitah Hay & Zayin (6-7th)