Today is September 30, 2023 /

Sale of Chametz

It is a mitzvah to not own any chametz (unleavened product) during Passover which begins at sundown this Friday April 22nd and concludes 30th at the conclusion of the Shabbat.  To that end, it has been the tradition for one to sell his/her chametz (unleavened product or products not kosher for Passover, or products that are Kosher for Passover but have been open before Passover) to a third party who is not Jewish.  This can be accomplished by an agent for the seller.

I assume that everyone receiving this email wishes for me to serve in that capacity, unless I receive an email to the contrary.  Those who wish to engage in a more formal process.  Please copy and then return the same to me.

I hereby authorize Rabbi Mark Melamut of the Roth Center for Jewish to serve as my agent to sell  all of my chametz to a third party. (Name of Person)