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Yahrzeit and Burial


The act of remembrance in our tradition is a profound experience. It brings to consciousness the influence, love and nurturing that the departed have brought to bear on us, our children and our children’s children. It further strengthens the shalshelet hakabalah, the sacred tradition that takes each of us back to Sinai, where we received moral teachings that have been embraced universally.

The Upper Valley Jewish Community has received a generous donation that enabled us to purchase the Yahrzeit board which graces one wall of our sanctuary. Each member of our congregational family has the opportunity to purchase a yahrzeit plate which will be affixed to the board. On the anniversary of the yahrzeit, a small light adjacent to the plate will be illuminated.

If you have a family membership you may purchase up to four nameplates; with a single membership, two are available. The cost per plate is $360. It is an act of tzedakah in memory of your loved one, and the proceeds are used to support our congregation.


In 1994, to meet the needs of the local Jewish community, the UVJC established the Upper Valley Jewish Community Cemetery. The cemetery, located on Mascoma Street Extension in Lebanon, New Hampshire, is a ten minute drive from the Roth Center. It is five minutes from Interstate 89 Exit 18.


From Hanover, take Route 120 to Lebanon. Turn left onto Hanover Street at the end of Rte. 120, go 0.2 miles. Go to the right of the triangle and straight through onto High Street for 0.2 miles. Turn right onto Mascoma Street, go 1.0 mile. The UVJC Cemetery is on the right just beyond the highway overpass.


Overall management of the UVJC Cemetery is the responsibility of the all-volunteer UVJC Cemetery Committee. The Cemetery Committee, under the oversight of the UVJC Board of Trustees, supervises the affairs of the Cemetery, determines the sequence of development, and interprets, amend and enforce the UVJC Cemetery Rules and Regulations. Activities and decisions of the Cemetery Committee are subject to approval by the UVJC Board of Trustees.

Cemetery Maintenance

The general maintenance of the cemetery and grounds is the responsibility of the City of Lebanon. Ongoing maintenance includes such items as the upkeep of the drives, fences, spring and fall cleanup, raking of leaves and general periodic mowing of grass. Perpetual care is provided by the City of Lebanon.


The UVJC provides a cemetery for service and solace to its members. Any member of the UVJC is entitled to be buried in the UVJC Cemetery. Non-member spouses, parents, and children of UVJC members may also be buried there. Any Jewish resident of the Upper Valley who is not a member of the UVJC may be buried in the UVJC Cemetery. Questions of Jewish status and requests from non-residents will be resolved on a case-by-case basis by the UVJC Rabbi in consultation with the Cemetery Committee.

The cemetery has sections available with plots sized for standard single graves, for interment of cremated remains, for infants or small children, and for those who wish to be buried only with other Jews.

Funeral Services

Officiating the burial can be performed by the UVJC Rabbi, a Jewish lay leader, the Jewish family of the deceased, and/or visiting clergy at the discretion of the Rabbi in consultation with the Cemetery Committee. All burial rites must be performed in the manner acceptable to and approved by the UVJC Rabbi. In keeping with Jewish tradition, no interment or disinterment may take place on the Sabbath or on Jewish holy days.

Lot Size, Monuments, Markers, and Vaults

Lot size for a standard single plot is 4 feet by 11 feet. Small plots are 24 inches by 44 inches.

Vaults are optional. They maybe in the upright manner or inverted for grave integrity and the Jewish custom of “dust to dust” or not to have one at all.

All graves must have a permanent marker of some type.Monuments must be placed at the head of the grave. The choice of stone is granite and can be either polished or unpolished in a variety of colors. The owner of the plot has the right to erect one monument per grave or group of graves, and/or markers and cornerstones. Above ground monuments require a concrete foundation and may not exceed the height and width of those present in April 1995.

Any monument marker or inscription which is determined inappropriate by the Rabbi, in consultation with the Cemetery Committee, may be removed. Should affordability become an issue for a particular burial, the rules provide that no one will be denied because of inability to pay. An issue of this type will be handled privately.

Flat Stones are no longer permitted in the UVJC Cemetery.  Revised: 9-24-2021

Full size graves:

Double Granite Monument can be any size up to 42” wide by 24” high with a base of 54”x14”.

Single Granite Monument is 30” wide by 24” high with a base of 36”x14”.

Small size graves:

 The standard marker is 24” wide by 12” deep.

Perpetual Care

Perpetual care shall be provided by the City of Lebanon. Charges for perpetual care must be paid at the time the plot(s) is purchased with no further assessment for such care.

Plot Purchase and Transfer

Plot ownership may be transferred within the owner’s immediate family. Unused plots may be reconveyed to the UVJC for an amount not to exceed the original purchase price. Plots may not be resold.

Plot prices are guaranteed by present purchase with payment in full. Installments are acceptable and fees may be waived in part or in full, in cases of financial need. Plot prices may be changed by the Cemetery Committee with the approval of the Board of Trustees.

Cemetery Plot Rates and Fees


Standard Single Plot:

UVJC Member                                                                 $300

UVJC Member’s non-member family member         $600

Non-member Upper Valley Resident                          $750

Non-member non-resident                                           $1500

Smaller-sized Plot:

UVJC Member                                                                $150

Non-Member                                                                  $375

               Non-member non-resident                                          $750


Perpetual Care:                                                                          $400

All cemetery plots require a perpetual care trust fund reserved in the name of the plot owner for the maintenance and care of such plots.

Fee Breakdown

UVJC Administrative Fee:                                                   $50

City of Lebanon one-time rates for care and maintenance:

Standard Plot:                                                                 $350

Infant Grave:                                                                   $150

Cremation Grave:                                                           $150

Burial Rates:

Weekday (prior to 3:00 p.m.) full burial: $400

Weekday (after 3:00 p.m.) full burial: $400 plus $100 per hour for each hour or part of an hour past 3:00 p.m.

Weekend or holiday burial: $700

Weekday (prior to 3:00 p.m.) cremation burial: $175

Weekday (after 3:00 p.m.) cremation burial: $175 plus $100 per hour for each hour or part of an hour past 3:00 p.m.

Weekend or holiday cremation burial: $350

(The funeral home/director is responsible for payment of these rates to the city of Lebanon.)