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Koreman Library


Koreman Library

Our home at the Roth Center contains an extensive library with a wealth of materials for adults and children alike. The Koreman Library takes a broad view of Jewish life, from the history of Israel to Jewish folktales and fairy tales to ethics and philosophy. There are many volumes of classic Jewish texts available for study. And we have books on Jewish art, music, literature – and cooking. The library is maintained by volunteer Fred Lerner. Contact him at if you have suggestions for books to add to the collection or if you wish to donate any Jewish books to the library. Please do not drop off your unwanted books without checking with Fred first.

Every year the Jewish Book Council names the winners of the National Jewish Book Awards, and each year the Koreman Library buys the winning books in each of the adult categories. To view a list of recent additions, click here.

In addition to the main library upstairs, there is also a delightful children’s library on the lower level of the Roth Center. Everyone is welcome to read the books with their children or to play any of the games that belong to Kol Ha’Emek, the UVJC, including many educational Jewish and Hebrew games.

Members of Kol Ha’Emek, the UVJC, are welcome to check out books from the Koreman Library. Please visit to see everything that is available to foster Jewish learning for you and your children. For a searchable catalog of the Koreman Library, please go to the  Searchable On-line Catalog. (Please note that the children’s library is not included in this catalog.)


Fred Lerner, Hon. Librarian


Fred Lerner is a librarian, bibliographer, and historian, who has also written extensively on modern American science fiction.

He has also consulted and lectured on thesauri for bibliographical databases, indexing of science fiction literature, and the history of libraries.

He holds degrees in History and Library Science from Columbia University, where he received his doctorate. He recently retired from the National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, where he produced the PILOTS Database, an online index to the worldwide psychotrauma literature.

Contact Fred at